For investors

For investors

The Moscow city complex of pawnshops "Mosgorlombard" traces its history back to 1924, although there are grounds to believe, though undocumented, that its history began during pre-revolutionary Moscow. This is the market where people have known and trusted us for generations. And this is objectively the largest market in Russia with a huge growth potential for us.

Mosgorlombard has plans to invest ₽3 billion for acquiring competitors in the Moscow region. We're planning on being the first group of pawnshops in Russia to launch an IPO planned for 2022.


Additional issues of shares are distributed by closed subscription


Issuance of CBs
code RU000A101K55
dated March 26, 2020


Issuance of exchange bonds is scheduled for 2020

in 2022

Issuance of exchange-traded shares (IPO) is planned in 2022

Our advantages

Placement of commercial bonds 4CDE-01-11915-A by closed subscription completed on 27.04.2020

Business processes

We have already centralized and optimized processes that previously increased the cost of each operation and hindered business scaling.


Our strategic partners are market leaders in gold buying, technological innovation, and legal support for pawnshops.

New technologies

Centralized accounting and pricing, automation and system management of customer relations provide us significant competitive advantages in the market.

Current placement

In 2018, 100% of AO MGKL MOSGORLOMBARD'S shares were acquired by a group of shareholders from "VTB Capital Asset Management". In 2018-19, the new Management reengineered business processes focused on automation, improving the efficiency of operations, and closing inefficient stores. These measures have afforded an opportunity to scale the business, which became the basis of the strategy over the coming years.

24.03.2020 NKO AO NRD (National Settlement Depository) registered the issue of commercial bonds of AO MGKL MOSGORLOMBARD by assigning registration number 4CDE-01-11915-A to the issuance of commercial bonds.

20,000 bonds were issued for 10,000 rubles, with a yield of 16% per annum and 36 monthly coupons. At the moment, Mosgorlombard has completed the placement (sale) of securities within the registered series by closed subscription.

Commercial bonds can be purchased on the secondary market.

The issuance of commercial bonds is one of Mosgorlomard's investment strategy stages, which also includes the issuance of exchange-traded bonds, additional share issues and an IPO in 2022.

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Information about Securities

Joint stock company
Moscow City Combinat
of Lombards «Mosgorlombard»

Head office address:

32 Zolotorozhsky Val street, bld. 2,
111033, Moscow
tel. / fax: +7 (499) 403-15-31
Business ID (OGRN) 5067746475770
Tax payer ID (INN) 7707600245

Disclosure of information
Company brief history
Board of directors

Incorporating documents

Mosgorlombard Charter, current edition, 2019 (6.5 MB)

Tax payer ID (INN) (371 КБ)

Business ID (OGRN) (242 КБ)

Special account card for legal entities and independent entrepreneurs (3.5 MB)

Registration in the Register for special accounting of legal entities and independent entrepreneurs (352 KB)

Annual reports

Annual report for 2018 (5.2 MB)

Special assessment of working conditions

List of activities 22.05.2017 (80.7 KB)

Summary statement 22.05.2017 (284 KB)

Please, feel free to write to our Investment Director Evgeny Gorodilov with any questions regarding investing in Mosgorlombard.